Dutch Pool & BBQ

【Dutch tub & Day -use BBQ】 Indulge in a luxurious combo limited to 2 groups per day♪

Immerse yourself in a firewood-heated pool called, “Dutch Tub,” imported from the Netherlands, relax on sunbeds or hammocks, enjoy BBQ and bonfires –

TOMO has introduced a new outdoor package where you can have endless fun throughout the day. Those who wish can also bring their own tent sauna!


Enjoy the Dutch Tub & BBQ at AKAIGAWA TOMO PLAYPARK!
Experience a private and exclusive zone, limited to 2 groups per day, where you can indulge in a Dutch Tub, a firewood-heated pool imported from the Netherlands by the outdoor brand, Weltevree. While soaking in the tub, you can also enjoy a daytime BBQ.

When using Dutch tub, you can raise the water temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius if you wish.
AKAIGAWA TOMO Playpark has brought the European outdoor style to AKAIGAWA Hokkaido!

★ Dutch Tub area is surrounded by fences to ensure privacy, and it is mandatory to wear swimwear while using it.

◆ Rental Set Fees:
Weekdays: 10,800 yen
Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, special days(Obon period): 14,800 yen

◆ Check-in/Check-out:

●Saturday, Sunday, holidays, the day before holidays, and Obon period check-in:
10:00-11:00 (You can be guided without waiting)
11:00-12:30 (There may be a waiting time of up to 20 minutes at the reception)

● Weekday check-in:

● Check-out:
Until 16:45

◆◇ ========================================================
For customers staying at the camping ground
■Saturdays, the day before holidays, Obon period
When using this package, guests could earn an early check-in privilege (from 10:00) for the stay at the free sites. [You can check-in at 10:00 regardless of the reservation time of your bookings.]
In addition, guests staying overnight can enjoy a late check-out up until 12:00 (excluding Obon and consecutive holidays).


<Recommended Usage>
To save time, it is recommended to divide into two teams, tent setup team and Dutch Tub team, and prepare each activity simultaneously. After the tent is set up, tent team joins the Dutch Tub team and both team enjoy lunch BBQ and Dutch Tub together.

After the daytime party is finished, all the members move to the camping ground and start the night session.
======================================================== ◇◆

Maximum of 6 people (including elementary school students and infants)
※ The basic fee includes 4 people (additional adult: 1,100 yen/person,additional elementary school child: 500 yen/person)

◆ Set Contents
・Dutch Tub (firewood-heated pool)
・Garden table (with parasol)
・Grill net
・Fire shears
・Firewood chairs
・HETA fire pit
・Sun lounger
・Kindling cracker (wood splitting tool)
・ 2 bundles of firewood
・ Fire starter

★ Depending on the water temperature, it takes about 2-2.5 hours for the water to reach suitable temperature. Therefore, it is best to start heating the water before starting BBQ.
*Additional firewood will need to be added every 15-20 minutes.

★ Changing room / simple kitchen available

◆ Info
※ Charcoal, OD cans, etc., can be brought or purchased on-site.
※ Food and drinks are not included.
※ Please bring your own chopsticks, cutlery, plates, etc.

◆ Parking
You can park in the dedicated parking lot.

◆ Special Notes (in case of rain)
Cancelled in case of rain (No cancellation fee will be charged in case of cancellation due to rain or strong wind.)

◆ Customization options by the guests
・Tent sauna can be brought in freely. (SIZE: Width 250cm × Depth less than 250cm)
・The Dutch Tub can also be used as a cold water bath!
・Equipped with “Totonoi” chairs.